Feature One Eight Zero, inching closer to pre-production!

Scarlet Fire Films, April 2018


Following a successful trip to the American Film Market in November, One Eight Zero's momentum has shifted up a gear, and we are inching closer to securing the last of the budget funds, before moving into pre-production.  Much more than just a film, One Eight Zero is destined not only to entertain, but to give back!!  Intrigued?... 'like' the films facebook page and stay tuned for updates!!

One Eight Zero is being helmed by visionary storyteller, Denai Gracie.  Her growing library of scripts is refreshingly original, this being the first many to come!! Huge shout out to the incredible cast and crew who worked on the proof of concept for this empowering little gem of a film - our progress is thanks to you!! We're looking forward to getting the team back together very soon!!

Exciting update for our Sci-fi short Shift  

Scarlet Fire Films, August 2017


Following the release of the teaser for Scarlet Fire Films competition inspired sci fi short Shift, we've received international interest in adapting the concept into something far greater than was originally envisaged for this little gem!!

Check out the teaser, and be sure to 'like' the facebook page  and stay tuned for further updates! Congratulations to the entire cast and crew, for breathing life into this incredible project!! Can't wait to see where it takes us...

More Festival Wins for Forbidden Ground !!

Scarlet Fire Films, June 2016


Forbidden Ground  has picked up two more festival awards, winning best narrative feature at the Mexico International Film Festival,


The El Ray award for Best Film Editing at the Barcelona International Film Festival!

Huge Congratulations to Adrian Powers for his award winning editing prowess!!  Such a great thrill to see Forbidden Ground enjoying ongoing global success long after its initial release.  Congratulations Forbidden Ground Cast & Crew!

Best Picture & Best Actor for Forbidden Ground at Barcelona Planet Film Festival!

Scarlet Fire Films, February 2016


Congratulations to the Forbidden Ground cast & crew, winning Best Picture at the Barcelona Film Festival in February 2016.


Johan Earl also picked up Best Actor for his performance as Sgt. Mjr Arthur Wilkins. Well deserved Johan!


Forbidden Ground has been accepted into two more festivals: The Polish International Film Festival, and the Euro Festival in Russia. Great to see the film is still being appreciated long after its local releases.

Congratulations!! Denai wins Most Promising Actress of the Year!

Scarlet Fire Films, December 2015


Huge Congratulations to Denai Gracie, who recently beat hundreds of competitors to win Star Central Magazine's Most Promising Actress of the Year for 2015!

Of course, it comes as no surprise to the Scarlet Fire Films team, who saw her shine playing Grace Wilkins in our very own Forbidden Ground!! Denai is a formidable talent with the best still yet to come!!

Congratulations Denai, well deserved!

Forbidden Ground DOP Glenn Hanns, wins ACS award.

Scarlet Fire Films, December 2013


Congratulations to cinematographer Glenn Hanns for picking up the Bronze Award for Forbidden Ground (aka Battle Ground as released in USA and Germany) at the Australian Cinematographers Society Awards!!


Well deserved Glenn!


This is Forbidden Ground's second award win, picking up the Best Feature Film 2013, at the Intercultural Film Festival in Sydney. Congratulations to the team who worked with us to give this epic feat of film making life!


To watch the trailer for Forbidden Ground,

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DCP Australia, Post Production Services

DCP Aust, January 2012

Post Production is well underway on Scarlet Fire Films latest Project Forbidden Ground.  DCP Australia is confirmed as the official post production company for the project,and will supervise the entire post production workflow from edit to VFX, colour grade and then every phase to delivery. "Supervising Post on a war film is intense. There's so much going on, you have to have a real eye for detail" Johan Earl, Director of DCP Australia stated.


Co-Director Adrian Powers joins Johan in the edit suite, the pair working 7 day weeks to have the VFX completed for the films scheduled release. Forbidden Ground has already sold to several territories including E-one for the UK, Pandastorm in Germany, and US heavyweight Lionsgate acquired all North America rights.


The Film is on track for completion around July 2013 and will be released late 2013.

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Forbidden Ground wins Best Feature Film Award at IFSS.

Scarlet Fire Films, Dec 2013

Huge congratulations to Johan Earl and Adrian Powers, Directors of Scarlet Fire Films' latest film, WW1 drama Forbidden Ground.  The film was awarded 'Best Feature Film 2013' at the Intercultural Film Festival in Sydney.


An extended special thanks must go out to the most incredible crew and amazing cast, who helped us breathe life into this epic project.  A special mention was made to the cast and crew of Forbidden Ground at the Award Ceremony for a truly inspiring feat of film making! 


To watch the trailer for Forbidden Ground, click here:

USA distributor acquires A Perfect Life

Johan Earl, July 2011

A Perfect Life is now available across North America after Green Apple Entertainment picked up the film for the territory.  This sexy urban thriller follows the story of Andrew Walters' high-powered career and his beautiful wife. But not since Fatal Attraction has an extra-marital affair gone so wrong!!


Written by Johan Earl and Directed by Jith Senn under their former company banner, this high tension thriller will have you on the edge of your seat!


To watch the trailer for A Perfect Life, click here:


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