The diversity of projects in the pipeline spans the full breadth of the financial spectrum, from high concept low budget films, to epic large scale productions. Our scripts are original, and will deliver both critically and commercially. All projects are in various stages of development and interested financiers, distributers and co-collaborators should contact our office for more detailed information regarding the status of our projects.


Our repertoire of scripts  cover amix of genres including sci-fi, action, drama, adventure, romance, thriller, horror and more.

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Here's a sneak peek at some stills from our recent proof of concept shoot, for upcoming feature One Eight Zero.  The team are working toward a Spring 2018 shoot, and the animal stars of the story are being primed for their movie debut!!  This film is not only destined to entertain, but to give back!! Intrigued?.... follow us on the One Eight Zero Movie facebook page, and stay tuned!

Huge shout out to the incredibly talented cast and crew who worked on the teaser shoot  - you guys ROCK, and are the reason the film has the traction it has to date.  Enormous thanks to Grant Hughes and family, and the entire Emmaville Performance Horses Team, for joining forces with us to breath life into this empowering story.  We can't wait to bring the exhilarating sport of showjumping to the big screen.

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Sc-fi short Shift is generating an exciting flurry of offshore interest, and this little gem hasn't even made it out of the post production gates yet!!  Shift started out as a competition inspired concept, written and directed by Johan Earl, and produced by Denai Gracie & Rachele Wiggins, and is now heading for a much bigger future!


The production value Shift is gifted with is without doubt attributed to a truly incredible cast and crew! Scarlet Fire is truly blessed to have been able to work with such talented and inspiring people and cannot wait to do it all again soon!


The team at post production house DCP Australia, are going above and beyond to ensure Shift is everything we envisaged and more. The edit is really pacy and exciting and the visual effects are looking spectacular!!


Watch this space for the finished film, which we'll share with you all very soon!! In the meantme we've put together a sneak peek album of behind the scenes stills so you can see what's to come...


Scarlet Fire Films previous feature Forbidden Ground, is a WW1 drama directed by Johan Earl and Adrian Powers and produced by Denai Gracie.


After a failed attempt to reclaim their trench from the Germans, three British Soldiers find themselves trapped in No-Man's Land between enemy lines and their own. As they attempt to make it back to the safety of their own trench, the trio are fired upon from both sides, battling injury, the elements and the clock. Memories of home sustain the trio, but little do they know the tragedies of war extend far beyond the battlefield.


Forbidden Ground has been heralded as a magnificent feat of film making - the film from script to screen was completed for the equivilent of the catering budget on a hollywood movie!! Lionsgate snapped up all North American rights quoting "an unexpected gem of a film".


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(aka Battle Ground as released in the USA & Germany)

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